Hello Sunshine March 26 2014

I just wanted to introduce my newest range for Kaisercraft- Hello Sunshine. This was a great range to design, fun and bright. I love to design colourful and bold, and this was just that. Available here.

First Post February 01 2014

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Project Ten October 15 2013

I'm super excited to share with you a project I was working on a little while ago.
I worked closely with the lovely Jacquie from Project Ten Australia to design some prints for her awesome oversized, extremely light Tote Bags, and SO well priced. Perfect for a Christmas treat... I'll be buying loads! Head over here for a better look.

Three Little Ducks September 24 2013

As I said earlier, I'm really enjoying the children's designs lately. Here's something I've been working of lately. Another little cartoon, this time a special friends little girl.

Hey Little Indians September 24 2013

Over the year/s my work has changed in many ways, my direction and style has been pulled from pillar to post! Originally I thought the skulls etc were too harsh and not me, I moved into "mumsy" florals and patterns through Kaisercraft, and then found myself in a very enjoyable place of designing for children- illustrations, invitations and prints. I love it. It has been something I have continually enjoyed. 

Although as you may have seen my latest work, I'm back on the skull train! (sorry mum). But I still get drawn back to the cute little faces, the characters and the fun/ bright patterns of children's designs. Lately, I have been designing invitations galore. I think its my age when friends babies are being born, turning one, two and three! And I tell you what- I don't mind AT ALL!

Here is an invitation for a great friend that I just loved creating! A personalised cartoon Alfie, in a little Indian theme.

Into The Woods September 17 2013

Im excited to show you all my newest work. "Into the Woods" collection.
A different style to my norm but really enjoyed pottering away on these ones. Thanks to Matt and Bones, they are framed and proudly displayed at Winter's Cafe Geelong. There are 6 in the collection and all available for purchase.
Email me if you would like more details

glitter and skulls June 29 2013

Its finally the weekend and yey to that! Last night I attended a fundraiser to raise money for an Orphanage in Cambodia, run by my very talented photographer friend Tina Wilkinson of photosbytina.
Tina and her husband will be heading to Cambodia in a few weeks and are doing an incredible job of raising money for the children in Siam Reap. 
There was lots of clothes to be purchased (I scored an awesome leather jacket) and prizes. I donated one of my new glitter skull prints. 
These are my newest and favourite edition so far... they have been so fun to create, a little time consuming but fun! 
Once I get my butt into gear and get onto my website, they will be available for purchase... for now, its just all personal sales! So many things so do- so little time.
have a lovely weekend those in Victoria- keep warm! x

Im going to get some sunshine! May 18 2013

Howdy, I am heading over seas for a 2 week break with my husband today. Super excited about getting some sun and leaving this rain behind. Ill be returning Sunday June 2nd. 
Until then, have fun! x
this is my mum by the way- how great!

Monkey & The Whale April 28 2013

absolutely loving the work of graphic designer, and illustrator Keely from Monkey and the Whale.
I spotted this print on pinterest a while back and fell in love. Keely has done a whole range of " Eye Spy" collections. This has to be my favourite along with the aquatic one.
Isn't is great when you find awesome illustrations and illustrators! So wrapped I discovered her. check her work out here.

saturday round a bouts April 20 2013

Hi Friends! hopefully this will catch you all relaxing after a long week. this little fella and his sneaky friend found their way onto my computer screen today. reluctant to get stuck into my other work, i decided to created these two friendly faces instead.  have a lovely saturday, the sun is shining and the air is crisp today in geelong.

engagements April 17 2013

Just another sneak peak of an engagement invite I did. This was a very special project as its one of my closest friends. The brief was rustic, country feel but simple. She will become a Wettenhall so the idea of the wind vane worked well. Another fun project for a very special friend x 

more weddings April 17 2013

I have been busy of late with all the weddings coming up. This one was a goodie. A very simple brief of black and green and im quite happy with the turn out.
Ben is the younger brother of one of my best friends Jodie at the flower bowl.
Ben and Razz are a great couple and are lots of fun. This invite reflected their easy-going, laid back attitudes and lets be honest- thats the sorta clients we want hey! happy wednesday xx

OH-MY-GOD!!! April 04 2013

Is this a joke? Is this possible? Can it be real? The collaboration between two of my most favourite illustrators? Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod. I have died and actually gone to heaven. 
Both of these incredibly talented woman are from Melbourne and I couldn't be prouder top have such talent come from our country. Im honestly about to loose it... thats how excited I am. I will no doubt be heading to this amazing exhibition held at Lamington Drive
Running from April 18th- June 1st.
aggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! thats all I can say!

Kat Macleod

Kat Macleod

Beci Orpin

Beci Orpin

making me happy March 21 2013

it comes the time of the year again where the hot summer days are getting less often and when we start to think about open fires and cuddly scarves. 
just as I was starting to feel a little miserable that the wooly socks were making a come back I thought I would take a look back at the patterns and work I have done that have made me happy and feel bright.

i am thinking of making a look book of my patterns and prints (just for myself). All different and not necessarily matching. Just the ones that I felt good designing too... none that had me tilting my head back and forth countless times.
so heres a snippit snap shot. 
i hope your having a lovely thursday and even better week.

wednesday shop February 27 2013

happy hump wednesday to all. im sitting here, at 9am thankful that i have a spare moment to get to my blog and write. 
victorias weather has been one of 31 plus all week and over the weekend, and boy do I love it. i will say though, it does take it out of you! restless nights and grumpy mornings.  

i awoke today (with my feet entangled in the sheet) and a lovely message regarding my work- it was such a nice message to wake up to. 
im finding it hard at the moment with my work, to be able to bring it all together. i have my cards and prints in various stors around geelong, but oh how I would love to open my own shop!!

in the meantime, whilst i dream of my white front old shop with a glorious large window, i have etsy. thank goodness for etsy.

have a lovely day all, 

New Post February 19 2013

a very close friend of mine had a baby on the 7th, a beautiful little girl. its amazing and such a special feeling when you see one of your best friends become a mother. i was truely moved and (apart from the tears) so proud of my friend, who shared the same kinder as I did, she was gorgeous.
I have always since I can remember called my friend "miff" like the rabbit and she in turn called me "minx" like a cat. we always said that we would be like a rabbit and cat if we one day turned into animals. i did this little print for her, oh yes and her husband (a lovely gut too) is a policeman... the drawing will make more sense now. happy tuesday xxx

75 cents February 19 2013

i have been really loving old labels and vintage imagery of late. my newest range I designed for kaisercraft, called 75 cents was able to really explore that. to be honest its nearly one of my favourite to date. I think its the colours, I am usually such a yellow person, but these blues and greens with the burnt cream and cardboard really got me. although i left kaiser 6 months ago (oooh my gosh, i never actually counted how long its been) i still freelance for them and its unreal... i think i honestly have the best job when it comes to it- designing pretty papers, like pieces of little artworks. i love it.
you can see more here.

GT Magazine February 19 2013

a week ago i was featured in a local magazine and was lucky enough to have my mug on the front cover! they came and did a story on my favourite things in my house, and a bit about victor fox. sara taylor was the photographer and made me feel so comfortable as I was just soo nervous (and boiling hot in the 40degree day). here are some pics from the magazine that sara took. i was so excited and proud. not to mention my pa- i think he bought the entire newsagency to show people that was "his grand daughter" ha! thanks again to GT magazine... very fun day!
* these photos by sara taylor

a lovely thought January 30 2013

howdy, happy hump day! a few months ago i was asked by a lovely lady to create a double print for her unborn little girl. the idea she had in mind was to create 2 prints that summed up the quote "oh the places you'll go" by Dr. Seuss. what a gorgeous idea for a child's room.
Sarah liked yellow pink and grey.
it was a lovely project to work on, and sarah was a super lovely client to work with. its great when you have creative freedom and when someone trusts what you do. I was really thrilled with how it turned out and so was sarah. i really enjoyed this one.

kinder fun January 24 2013

recently i was lucky enough to be asked by the talented photographer Kym Addison to help design new kindergarten booklets for her. we found that there was a real gap in the market of cute booklets for children's kinder photos to be displayed. Kym at Kinder Pics, had suggested an australian theme as (no offense) everything was american based. so this is what i did for her. we were very happy with the out come. please note: the pictures of children are just samples from google search.

im your secret admirer January 23 2013

just wanted to be quick and also share with you my latest kaisercraft range called secret admirer. just in time for valentines day. loved creating this range and is one of my favorites to date. i would be keen to hear your thoughts. as you can see, this is quite a different style that i have for kaisercraft, to my own work, would you like to see more of this in victor fox's work? cards/ prints etc? 

anyway i hope you like it, and have a fabulous day lovelies x

etsy January 23 2013

hi all, having a nice week? here its been hot, 26 yesturday and again today! Thursday will be 35!!
I have had a busy week this week, as im sure all of us have! I have been taking the time to get my etsy store up and running again. its taken a while but im happy now, I have done my about page and added about 10 items, most importantly my love themed ones in time for valentines day.
i have done a love birds print, similar to my header here and put that up too. at the moment I am not posting internationally but will be in the future.
if you have time head across and let me know what you think.

I also have some exciting news. I will be featured in GT magazine this saturday. An at home feature at my house, eeekkk im a little nervous to see how it all turned out, but is very exciting, i will post some pictures up after the weekend.

I will also be doing the feb challenge again and will be having a give away for my followers. Im sorry I have been slack lately though, for my new followers this is not great- ekkk sorry :(

anyway enough of that, speak soon, x

happy new year January 02 2013

what? sorry? another year over? aghhhhh anyway...happy new year! 
this year already has started off with a bang. my work with falls festival was a huge excitement and something i was very proud of. i will have photos to post soon of the work i did. the festival is held in lorne along the coast each year and it was wonderful to be a part of it. it was exciting watching victor fox grow this year and i thank everyone for the support and the encouragement, we all need it and i thank you greatly! im in the middle of finishing work for my husbands brothers wedding and his lovely fiance'. their wedding is in lorne too, and was very exciting to be a part of the creative for that.
coming up- ill be doing the february challenge again- a year its been... geeee! 
the year will be over before we know it... stay safe over the new year, eat and drink lots as i know i will, and ill see you again soon for some more treats

tis the season to be hectic! November 28 2012

hello again, some more christmas designs to feast your eyes on. email me at for orders. xx