wednesday shop February 27 2013

happy hump wednesday to all. im sitting here, at 9am thankful that i have a spare moment to get to my blog and write. 
victorias weather has been one of 31 plus all week and over the weekend, and boy do I love it. i will say though, it does take it out of you! restless nights and grumpy mornings.  

i awoke today (with my feet entangled in the sheet) and a lovely message regarding my work- it was such a nice message to wake up to. 
im finding it hard at the moment with my work, to be able to bring it all together. i have my cards and prints in various stors around geelong, but oh how I would love to open my own shop!!

in the meantime, whilst i dream of my white front old shop with a glorious large window, i have etsy. thank goodness for etsy.

have a lovely day all,