happy new year January 02 2013

what? sorry? another year over? aghhhhh anyway...happy new year! 
this year already has started off with a bang. my work with falls festival was a huge excitement and something i was very proud of. i will have photos to post soon of the work i did. the festival is held in lorne along the coast each year and it was wonderful to be a part of it. it was exciting watching victor fox grow this year and i thank everyone for the support and the encouragement, we all need it and i thank you greatly! im in the middle of finishing work for my husbands brothers wedding and his lovely fiance'. their wedding is in lorne too, and was very exciting to be a part of the creative for that.
coming up- ill be doing the february challenge again- a year its been... geeee! 
the year will be over before we know it... stay safe over the new year, eat and drink lots as i know i will, and ill see you again soon for some more treats