turtle dove November 28 2012

hi everyone, gee ive done it again hey! ive abandoned this blog. I really am sorry and I hate it when i dont get time to stay in touch. so things have been super busy for me and victor fox, as some of you may know, I have gone out on my own now, into the big wide world of working for yourself. i must say though, how great it is... there is the occasion when i find myself procrastinating and wasting time, but oh how wonderful it is to be doing my own stuff. i wanted to kick off the festive season and the start to many more christmas posts. just giving you the head up- i looovvveee christmas. absolutely cant get enough! love the decorating, the present wrapping and giving, the tree, the food, the christmas carols.. all of it.
here is one of the ranges that i designed whilst still at kaisercraft. a vintage christmas range, which was quite fun, lots of research for beautiful old imagery and christmas bits and bobs. i hope you like it. it can be found here.