Into The Woods September 17 2013

Im excited to show you all my newest work. "Into the Woods" collection.
A different style to my norm but really enjoyed pottering away on these ones. Thanks to Matt and Bones, they are framed and proudly displayed at Winter's Cafe Geelong. There are 6 in the collection and all available for purchase.
Email me if you would like more details

making me happy March 21 2013

it comes the time of the year again where the hot summer days are getting less often and when we start to think about open fires and cuddly scarves. 
just as I was starting to feel a little miserable that the wooly socks were making a come back I thought I would take a look back at the patterns and work I have done that have made me happy and feel bright.

i am thinking of making a look book of my patterns and prints (just for myself). All different and not necessarily matching. Just the ones that I felt good designing too... none that had me tilting my head back and forth countless times.
so heres a snippit snap shot. 
i hope your having a lovely thursday and even better week.

etsy January 23 2013

hi all, having a nice week? here its been hot, 26 yesturday and again today! Thursday will be 35!!
I have had a busy week this week, as im sure all of us have! I have been taking the time to get my etsy store up and running again. its taken a while but im happy now, I have done my about page and added about 10 items, most importantly my love themed ones in time for valentines day.
i have done a love birds print, similar to my header here and put that up too. at the moment I am not posting internationally but will be in the future.
if you have time head across and let me know what you think.

I also have some exciting news. I will be featured in GT magazine this saturday. An at home feature at my house, eeekkk im a little nervous to see how it all turned out, but is very exciting, i will post some pictures up after the weekend.

I will also be doing the feb challenge again and will be having a give away for my followers. Im sorry I have been slack lately though, for my new followers this is not great- ekkk sorry :(

anyway enough of that, speak soon, x