New Post February 19 2013

a very close friend of mine had a baby on the 7th, a beautiful little girl. its amazing and such a special feeling when you see one of your best friends become a mother. i was truely moved and (apart from the tears) so proud of my friend, who shared the same kinder as I did, she was gorgeous.
I have always since I can remember called my friend "miff" like the rabbit and she in turn called me "minx" like a cat. we always said that we would be like a rabbit and cat if we one day turned into animals. i did this little print for her, oh yes and her husband (a lovely gut too) is a policeman... the drawing will make more sense now. happy tuesday xxx

etsy January 23 2013

hi all, having a nice week? here its been hot, 26 yesturday and again today! Thursday will be 35!!
I have had a busy week this week, as im sure all of us have! I have been taking the time to get my etsy store up and running again. its taken a while but im happy now, I have done my about page and added about 10 items, most importantly my love themed ones in time for valentines day.
i have done a love birds print, similar to my header here and put that up too. at the moment I am not posting internationally but will be in the future.
if you have time head across and let me know what you think.

I also have some exciting news. I will be featured in GT magazine this saturday. An at home feature at my house, eeekkk im a little nervous to see how it all turned out, but is very exciting, i will post some pictures up after the weekend.

I will also be doing the feb challenge again and will be having a give away for my followers. Im sorry I have been slack lately though, for my new followers this is not great- ekkk sorry :(

anyway enough of that, speak soon, x