Into The Woods September 17 2013

Im excited to show you all my newest work. "Into the Woods" collection.
A different style to my norm but really enjoyed pottering away on these ones. Thanks to Matt and Bones, they are framed and proudly displayed at Winter's Cafe Geelong. There are 6 in the collection and all available for purchase.
Email me if you would like more details

glitter and skulls June 29 2013

Its finally the weekend and yey to that! Last night I attended a fundraiser to raise money for an Orphanage in Cambodia, run by my very talented photographer friend Tina Wilkinson of photosbytina.
Tina and her husband will be heading to Cambodia in a few weeks and are doing an incredible job of raising money for the children in Siam Reap. 
There was lots of clothes to be purchased (I scored an awesome leather jacket) and prizes. I donated one of my new glitter skull prints. 
These are my newest and favourite edition so far... they have been so fun to create, a little time consuming but fun! 
Once I get my butt into gear and get onto my website, they will be available for purchase... for now, its just all personal sales! So many things so do- so little time.
have a lovely weekend those in Victoria- keep warm! x

wednesday shop February 27 2013

happy hump wednesday to all. im sitting here, at 9am thankful that i have a spare moment to get to my blog and write. 
victorias weather has been one of 31 plus all week and over the weekend, and boy do I love it. i will say though, it does take it out of you! restless nights and grumpy mornings.  

i awoke today (with my feet entangled in the sheet) and a lovely message regarding my work- it was such a nice message to wake up to. 
im finding it hard at the moment with my work, to be able to bring it all together. i have my cards and prints in various stors around geelong, but oh how I would love to open my own shop!!

in the meantime, whilst i dream of my white front old shop with a glorious large window, i have etsy. thank goodness for etsy.

have a lovely day all,